How to get a 2974 NFT

  1. Sign up for FTX US on the web at

  2. Complete identity verification (KYC2)

  3. Deposit at least $499 (the price of the NFT) via credit card, ACH bank transfer, wire transfer or by transferring crypto

  4. When the collection goes live, press Mint Now above to be taken to the Collection Page on FTX where you can mint your 2974 NFT

v1 - 03.01.2022
v2 - 06.21.2022

The 2974 Collection Roadmap

Spread the Love

Holders of The 2974 Collection will win various NFTs, IRL items, experiences, and memorabilia at random based on the NFTs that they hold, the amount that they hold, game moments and more.

June 2022 update: Since launch, there has been 100+ giveaways including autographed shoes, balls, merch and dozens of NFTs. In addition to the 2974 collection holders discord channel trivia contests, there are regular giveaways via the @2974collection twitter handle too.

Fast Break Freebies

2974 Collection holders will be eligible to receive airdrops of NFTs with commemorative art available to all holders at various points throughout the life of the project. This art can be influenced by holder voting systems that are being implemented currently.  
All 2974 Collection holders will join in celebration of Stephen’s Birthday by receiving a special Birthday Cake NFT on March 14th.

June 2022 update: Since launch, there have been two freebie airdrops for holders (Floyd Norman and Birthday Cake). More to come.

Community Stockpile

Holders will have access to exclusive 2974 Merchandise produced on high quality garments including tee shirts, hats, hoodies, pin, patches, stickers and more. Additionally, holders will be able to influence the designs presented on these merch items through voting on discord.  

June 2022 update: The merch has been unveiled and worn by Stephen Curry in the 2022 NBA Finals Game 4 tunnel-walk pre-game and press conference post-game (and seen over-and-over on ESPN, GQ and other influential channels). Merch details can be found here: 

New Beginnings - Onward and Upward

As Stephen continues to set new records, create career milestones, and grow his stat sheet, new NFTs made by renowned NFT artists will be introduced for sale. Holders will have special access to these NFTs upon their release! 

June 2022 update: NFT collection 2.0 is in the lab right now. Right now! And yes, 2974 holders will have priority access and discounts.