How to get a 2974 NFT

  1. Sign up for FTX US on the web at

  2. Complete identity verification (KYC2)

  3. Deposit at least $499 (the price of the NFT) via credit card, ACH bank transfer, wire transfer or by transferring crypto

  4. When the collection goes live, press Mint Now above to be taken to the Collection Page on FTX where you can mint your 2974 NFT

Stephen Curry - 2022
Birthday Celebration

The 2974 Collection holders have the chance to experience a first-of-its-kind utility this summer for a belated birthday celebration.

The select few will fly to San Francisco for an exclusive weekend of activities and community building, along with a meet-and-greet with the 3-pointer king himself.

Wondering how you can join us for the celebration?

1 of 31 “Birthday Game” NFTs
→ you’re going to SF!1

1You will need to be holding a Birthday Game NFT and a Birthday Cake NFT in your FTX US wallet by May 24, 2022 to be officially confirmed for the event. To be eligible for the celebration, both NFTs cannot be sold or traded until after the event on July 24, 2022.

Any 2974 Collection NFTs
→ you have a chance to join!2

2 To be eligible for this randomized drawing, you will need to be holding any 2974 Collection NFT and a Birthday Cake NFT in your FTX US wallet. We will be doing two separate wallet snapshots at later dates. More details to come!

a 2974 Collection Birthday Cake NFT

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for since 3.14! The Stephen Curry birthday extravaganza is happening Sun, July 24, 2022 in the Bay, thanks to FTX! You'll experience all three aspects of Eat.Learn.Play. with Stephen. Are you ready?!

You'll play on a basketball court with Stephen, throw him a dime for a three or challenge him to a game of H-O-R-S-E. And you’ll break bread together and have the opportunity to ask Stephen questions about basketball, life and of course the 2974 Collection. Invitees will also experience Eat.Learn.Play. and give back to the community alongside Stephen, as that is of the utmost importance to this project. And of course, there will be swag bag.

We’ll take a snapshot of all birthday moment holders on May 24, 2022. At that point, the holders of the birthday moment will have their exclusive spot secured to the 2022 birthday party.

So we can coordinate travel, sizes & details, make sure you’re holding your birthday moment NFT & a birthday cake NFT when you arrive in the Bay. Both are your tickets to the Celebration! You can buy a birthday moment (or any 2974 NFT) at the links below. WHO WANTS TO COME??

View the 2974 Collection on FTX USView the birthday cake NFTs


What exactly is the Stephen Curry Birthday Celebration?
How do I attend?
How do I get a Birthday Game NFT if I do not currently own one?
How do I get a Birthday Cake NFT?
Can I sell my NFT prior to the weekend?
Can I transfer my NFT?
What are the dates of the event?
Where is the birthday party being held?
What expenses are covered?
What is the flight booking process?
What is the appropriate attire?
Can I bring a plus one?
What if I have dietary restrictions?
Will lodging be provided if I already live in the Bay Area?
What is Eat.Learn.Play?
How do I follow along and learn more about the planned celebrations?
Do I need to keep the NFTs on the FTX US account (versus other platforms)?
What about New York holders of the birthday NFT that cannot have a FTX account?
Will there be content captured throughout the weekend?
Is there an age requirement for attendees?
What COVID protocols are in place?